About Us

Welcome to Luckydog Yoga. Teachers Kirsteen MacLeod and Marco Reiter offer a variety of yoga classes in the Kingston community.

About Kirsteen          

Kirsteen has been teaching yoga in Kingston for fourteen years, and has practiced yoga since her university days. She teaches at Queen’s U (i.e., the Yoga Club, the Athletics and Recreation Centre, Stress-Taming Yoga for Employees, and various other campus classes). She taught at the Kingston YMCA for nine years, and teaches ‘Yoga for Taming Stress,’ Gentle Yoga and Yin Yoga at Janati Yoga.

Kirsteen’s teacher training was in the Sivananda tradition. She’s been influenced by many other styles of yoga she’s practiced over the past 30 years — especially Iyengar, with its focus on proper alignment. Kirsteen teaches ‘Relaxorama’ workshops for the Queen’s Yoga Club and other groups. She is also a professional writer, and leads ‘Yoga & Expressive Writing’ workshops.

About Marco

Marco has been teaching yoga in the Kingston community since he completed his training at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania in 2012.

A shiatsu therapist for the past 20 years, Marco studied yoga so he could offer advice about postures to help his shiatsu clients. Quickly, his enthusiasm lead him to teach regular yoga classes for, among others, Queen’s University (the Queen’s Yoga Club, students in residence, employees, Queen’s Athletics & Recreation Centre) — and a local psychotherapy clinic.

Marco has studied craniosacral therapy, and is a long-time student of meditation. He is interested in body movement and awareness. Over the years he’s explored shiatsu-related zen imagery exercises, tai chi, chi kung, yoga and feldenkrais. Please see Marco’s website for more details about his shiatsu therapy practice: http://marcoreiter.com/about-marco/

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