Yoga with Kirsteen

I’m about to move to a new website:
Please visit for up-to-date yoga and writing information!

YOGA FOR RELAXATION: Thursdays – 12.00 -1.00 pm
for employees of Queen’s University

 Find your off switch: yoga poses and breathing practices to help you release tension, strengthen, and relax deeply. All will benefit: athletes with tight muscles, people with injured or aging bodies, new yoga students, and anyone with excessive stress.

YIN YOGA: Fridays 8 am-9.30 am via Zoom
Please register with Kirsteen directly

Kirsteen’s private classes (individual, group, workplace etc.) not listed above.
Please get in touch to discuss:

               ONE-ON-ONE YOGA
 Work one-on-one with Kirsteen on your health conditions and goals.
Location: your site, or Luckydogyoga’s small studio.

               SMALL GROUPS
 Special yoga classes designed just for you and your group (i.,e., using props, back
care basics, restorative yoga, yoga for athletes, etc.


Yoga and the Art of Relaxed Writing*
* Most recently at Kingston Writersfest, Sunday September 29, 2019, 3.30-5.30

Author/ yoga teacher Kirsteen MacLeod helps you harness yoga’s power, free up your writing, and feed your creative flame. Gentle yoga poses, suitable for almost everyone, provide a jumping-off point for writing exercises. The body-centred process teaches you to work with less effort, generate new material intuitively, and apply new skills to advance your writing projects. Please bring your yoga mat and tools for writing by hand, or use provided mats/supplies onsite. All levels of writing and physical ability welcome. Relax, breathe, and be inspired! – bio and registration

Yoga & Reflective Writing: Combine yoga and writing for freer expression: most beneficial for scholars writing papers, writers seeking body-centred methods, and yoga students deepening their practice by exploring the symbolism of the yoga poses experientially and in words. Past workshops given at Queen’s U Grad Dissertation Bootcamp & Janati Yoga.

2 thoughts on “Yoga with Kirsteen

  1. Kristeen, I am registered in your Wednesday Janati class; however, I would like to register in your Thursday class @ St. Luke’s as well if you think that it is suitable for clients with arthritis. I know a few adaptations. Barbara Carson.

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