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Yoga and the Art of Relaxed Writing
Kingston Writersfest, Sunday September 29, 2019, 3.30-5.30

Author/ yoga teacher Kirsteen MacLeod helps you harness yoga’s power, free up your writing, and feed your creative flame. Gentle yoga poses, suitable for almost everyone, provide a jumping-off point for writing exercises. The body-centred process teaches you to work with less effort, generate new material intuitively, and apply new skills to advance your writing projects. Please bring your yoga mat and tools for writing by hand, or use provided mats/supplies onsite. All levels of writing and physical ability welcome. Relax, breathe, and be inspired!

Kirsteen MacLeod

March 18, 2018 for Yin and Reflective Writing at Janati
Learn about yoga and writing as linked practices. Whether you want to simply relax and get creative, explore the symbols of the yoga poses, or learn to write more freely, this is the session for you! Details/sign up here:  Yin and Reflective Writing.

Writing and Relaxing: Two popular Sunday yoga workshops return to Janati!!
Mark your calendars and come and join us Feb 4, 2018 for Yoga for Relaxation: Focus on Meditation and March 18, 2018 for  Yin and Reflective Writing.

Kirsteen at PEC literary festival in April
Join me at the Prince Edward Counties Literary Festival, April 22, 11.15-12.30 pm. Excited to be reading and talking fiction with Zoe Whittall and Emily Saso, on a panel moderated by David Sweet.

Kirsteen reads from The Animal Game at Queen’s U in March
Join me at a public event at Queen’s U on March 24, where  I’ll read from my book, The Animal Game, and answer questions. The book is included in the curriculum for Transnational Perspectives in Canadian Writing – how cool is that? Location: English Department, Watson 517 – email me for details.

New yoga workshops to repeat at Janati in 2017 – stay tuned for dates!
Great enthusiasm greeted both Jan 15’s Yin and Reflective Writing workshop, and
Feb. 5’s Yoga for Relaxation. With gratitude, I’ll now be looking at the calendar and making these regular events, starting soon. Om shanti.

Two exciting new workshops coming up at Janati in 2017!
Join us for:
Jan 15 Yin and Reflective Writing
Feb. 5 Yoga for Relaxation

A gift for the yogis, travelers and readers in your life: see Janati’s blog
for an excerpt from “The Unholy Yogi,” from  The Animal Game

Read wild tales of yoga in Kirsteen’s new book of short stories
The Animal Game, launched August 2016, is available in Kingston from Janati Yoga, Novel Idea bookstore, and by request from Luckydogyoga (luckydyoga [@] Or order from Tightrope Books (

Coming fall 2016: Kirsteen will appear in Kingston Writersfest and Wild Writers in Waterloo. Also, stay tuned for dates for Kirsteen’s upcoming Expressive Writing and Yoga and Writing workshops — learn how to begin, how to keep going, and how to complete your creative projects.

The Animal Game – yay, great ink and reviews!

The Animal Game is named one of the “finest recent debut collections” by Toronto Star Books (Sept. 17)

“Five short fiction debuts to grab now,” Metro (Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary) Sept. 22, 2016. “An engaging debut…MacLeod writes with insight and affection.”

Kingston Whig Standard, “The Animal Game: Geographies Inside and Out” July 14, 2016.
“The alchemy of person and place: that’s the pebble in Kirsteen MacLeod’s shoe… the ongoing theme that ties together the nine stories in her debut collection, The Animal Game.”

Kingston Life, Spotlight, July/August 2016.
The Animal Game is about spirit geography, and “centres on the idea of physical, inner and imaginative geographies…I explore the alchemy of person and place; the reaction that takes place between people and the places they are in.”

“Great Reads,” Grapevine, Fall 2016.
“The plot shifts back and forth through time and location, encouraging the reader to delve further into the rich lives of these well-developed, flawed, and interesting characters. MacLeod has an impressive eye for detail – her depictions of repeat visits to a tropical island are pure escapism – a great book to read once the chill starts to set in the air!

Broken Pencil says: “The Animal Game is a fine debut with clear, vivid writing and intensely realized characters” in which “the narrator comes to…appreciate how divergent individual perspectives can be, thanks to her experiences travelling and doing yoga.”

The Animal Game previewed in spring 2016’s Quill & Quire
• Kingston, Ontario, writer Kirsteen MacLeod’s debut collection, The Animal Game (Tightrope), focuses on people finding their essential selves, often in exotic or unexpected places.

Yoga for Stress Relief: Queen’s U Yoga Club
February 26, March 18 and April 1, 2.30-3.30 @ Metabodyworks

Yogic breathing and movement to release tension, increase peace, and improve concentration as you study for exams and write those dissertations!


Queen’s U’s Employee Wellness Program — and Yoga for Taming Stress
in the news! 
Usually it’s much darker when we practice ‘the art of stopping’ – but on this particular day, we granted the Gazette‘s photographer a few minutes of bright light 

Read Margaret’s great story about yoga in Kingston, including Friday Yin @ Janati
The goal is to be as relaxed as possible while still being conscious — not to nod off!

Yin — and Do I Always Blink This Much?
Watch this short video to learn Butterfly pose, and for an overview of Yin Yoga, and who benefits most from Yin’s five-minute+ holds.


Teaching yoga at Vermont Studio Center, June 2014

Teaching yoga at Vermont Studio Center, June 2014

Yoga & Art-Making Workshop – Leaders Kirsteen MacLeod and Sadiqa Khan invite you to join them for an afternoon of relaxation and creativity!


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